Simulation of building shading

Simulation of building shading

Shading of office buildings by means of vicinity buildings
Shading of an office building by means of vicinity buildings

Using the 3-dimensional simulation for shading of buildings, the insolation and shading of complex building ensembles are calculated during the course of the year.

In the case of shading simulation the cubature of the buildings is modeled considering the reflection characteristics of the outer surfaces, and a shading scenario is calculated for each hour of the year, taking into account the geographical position of the site.

These are typical applications:

  • The assessment and optimization of town planning to optimize heights and distances of buildings. The development or analysis of master plans, due to the complexity of the lighting conditions concerning natural light (solar radiation), it is often difficult for urban planners to give objective statements regarding the distribution of light and energy in the city. Point and area analyses of insolation/shading or daylighting facilitate an illustration of the conditions and, if necessary, a comparison to the nationally required standard.
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Even in case of a refurbishment or expansion of districts with high-rise new buildings, the question of the resulting shading or daylighting for the neighboring property does often arise.
  • The assessment of solar technology schemes. By a partial shading of solar power systems, as an example, radical performance losses can occur. The installation site and/or relay of the PV modules can be optimized utilizing shading simulation.
  • The optimization of the shading control system. The tracking or control of shading systems should always consider the shading of the neighboring property to avoid an unnecessary check and/or shut down of the solar shading devices.

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