Facade schemes and sunblind

Facade schemes and sunblind

The adjacent table illustrates the solar penetration for different facade schemes.

For this purpose, complex calculation algorithms are used, taking into account the solar energy input for each facade scheme regarding the solar radiation spectrum.

Considering the geometrical and optical characteristics of the glazings and sunblind, the solar input of the facade, the sun protection factor, and the resulting daylight input are determined.

The assessed facade schemes differ from each other regarding the arrangement and design of the sunblind and the design of the composite glass.

A neutral sun protection glazing without sunblind is assessed as a basic facade.

This basic facade is composed of the following options:

  • Exterior sunblind
  • Sunblind integrated in composite glass
  • Ventilated sunblind in composite glass
  • Sunblind integrated in the box-type window placed in front
  • Sunblind in ventilated double skin facade
  • Sunblind integrated in composite glass behind a ventilated double skin facade
  • Interior sunblind in front of the interior glass wall
Facade analysis

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