On the following web pages we will present some examples of our services. In the illustrated projects methods of building simulation, system simulation and Computational Fluid Dynamics were used to work on problems regarding questions of energy schemes and investments.

  • Thus, complex Computational Fluid Dynamics was used to accurately forecast and optimize the indoor climate of Tropical Islands Ressort (the world's largest indoor waterpark), a hall 100m (328ft) high, covering a footprint of 60.000m┬▓ (646.000ft┬▓).
  • In Nor├│n, Spain, the solar cooling for an office building has been checked and optimized utilizing a combination of both building and system simulation.
  • At the SIEMENS company in Munich, Germany, the options of natural ventilation for the conditioning of an entrance hall were checked and optimized combining building simulation and Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • For the high-rise building Uptown in Munich, Germany, comfort limits due to vertical flow processes of the about 146m (479ft) high building were minimized using the methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • For the new office building of Coca-Cola in Ratingen a whole building and plant simulation has been conducted to realize energy performance rating according to LEED NC 2.2. The project goal was to achieve maximum energy cost savings possible. The building has been awarded LEED Platinum certification as one of the first buildings in Germany.

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