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About us

Dr. Ing. Heinrich Post
Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering
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The Consulting Engineers for Building Climate and Energy Schemes
- b+e for short - was founded by Dr. Heinrich Post in 2005.

Short curriculum vitae - Dr. Heinrich Post

After the conferral of his doctorate and a professorship in the department of HVAC at the university of Kassel, Germany, Dr. Post acted as a project manager at different engineering companies of the building sector for 8 years. He was responsible for more than 30 projects in the service areas of HVAC, facade technology and master planning. Among his jobs were consulting services regarding building physics and building climate aspects as well as the conception of energy supplies. Here, mostly national and international complex industrial buildings were the focus of the analyses, as e.g. Westhafen Tower in Frankfurt, Germany, Tropical Islands near Berlin, Germany and Tornado Tower in Doha, Qatar.

  • Member of Verein Deutscher Ingenieure VDI (Association of German Engineers)
  • Member of Bayerische Ingenieurkammer Bau (Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers)
  • Responsible authorized expert according to ┬ž 2 ZVEnEV (Bavaria) for the preparation and inspection of heat insulation analyses EnEV
    - subsections building engineering and systems engineering
  • European Commission-certified endorser of Green Building
  • Energy consulant KFW Energy efficiency program, Germany
  • Energy consultant for "in situ service" according to funding guidelines of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, Germany
  • Registered issuer of the "dena-building Energy Performance Certificate" of the German Energy Agency


  • Interdisciplinary planning for intelligent building solutions.
    The impact of thermal simulation on design

    Intelligent Building Middle East, Manama, Bahrein 12/2005
  • Von der Cargolifterhalle zum Tropical Island Ressort (A heavy lift airship hangar turned into Tropical Islands Resort)
    CFD-Forum 2005, FLUENT, Darmstadt 10/2005
  • Von der Werfthalle des Cargolifter zum Tropical Island Ressort (A heavy lift airship hangar turned into Tropical Islands Resort)
    Bauphysik 6/2004
  • Unsicherheit bei der Planung von Sonnenschutzsystemen (Uncertainty in planning sunblind systems)
    Bauphysik 1/2002
  • Bauphysik kontra k├╝nstliche Klimatisierung (Construction physics versus artificial air conditioning)
    Rosenheimer Fenstertage, IFT Rosenheim, 2001-10-18
  • Einfl├╝sse auf den Energiebedarf von Raumheizeinrichtungen in Niedrigenergiewohngeb├Ąuden (Influences on the energy demand of room heating devices in low-energy residential buildings)
    Dissertation, Comprehensive University of Kassel, Germany 1998-09-07
  • Dynamische Simulation zur Bewertung einer Kirchenheizung, Methoden zur energetischen und thermischen Bewertung von Geb├Ąuden (Dynamic simulation to evaluate a heating installation in a church, Methods regarding an energetic and thermal evaluation of buildings),
    Bauzentrum M├╝nchen, 1994-11-18
  • Heizsysteme und Niedrigenergieh├Ąuser (Heating systems and low-energy buildings),
    Kasseler Solarcamp, 1993-05-11

Consulting Engineers
for Building Climate and Energy Schemes Dr. Heinrich Post

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